The Electronic Volume Corrector is a high-performance device designed for accurate natural gas metering, telemetry, data logging, data acquisition, and control applications. It operates with low power consumption and excels in precision. With Ex ia protection for gas group IIC, it can be safely deployed in hazardous locations. This versatile product not only offers superior volume measurement and flow computer features but also boasts powerful communication capabilities. It seamlessly interfaces with other field devices through its I/O channels and communication interfaces, enabling the creation of a robust and intuitive natural gas metering system.


Noyan Gas focuses on efficient and safe operations in gas stations through remote monitoring. Our monitoring software collects and analyzes data from various sources, enabling remote monitoring of critical aspects of the gas infrastructure in real-time. It provides comprehensive insights and alerts to detect anomalies, allowing proactive maintenance and preventing costly downtime. The hardware component consists of specialized sensors, communication devices, and control systems installed in gas stations, capturing and transmitting data to the software for continuous monitoring and control. Noyan Gas offers simultaneous remote monitoring software and hardware solutions, enhancing safety and optimizing efficiency in gas pressure reduction stations.


Noyan Gas offers two innovative gas measurement products: the Turbine Gas Meter and the Thermal Gas Meter. The Turbine Gas Meter is a renowned device in the natural gas measurement field. On the other hand, the Thermal Gas Meter utilizes thermal dispersion principles to accurately measure gas flow. It provides excellent accuracy and stability, making it ideal for applications where precise measurement is crucial. Both products are designed with industry-leading technology and are built to withstand the demands of gas measurement. Noyan Gas provides reliable solutions that cater to diverse gas measurement requirements.